Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How much are you willing to invest in you!

Thank you for your interest in a Birth Card Report, it's pretty amazing stuff.

I've gotten numerous emails asking me how to go about getting a Report, so I will explain everything you need to know right here..
First read through the packages below to see what each package offers.
Then pick the one you want, it's that easy!

(1) The $25.00 package is very basic, yet it still gives you enough to work with. It gives you a short intro to your Birth Card (Your Card is a 3 paragraph intro) it explains what it means to be represented by that card.

Then I give you the 5 major cards reading which covers which cards are sitting in which position for this year in it's broadest of terms. You get an interpretation of the cards that are sitting in your Long Range, Pluto, Result, Environment and Displacement positions explained for this year.

(2) The $ 40.00 package, is a little more detailed it gives you everything offered above plus you also get a detailed reading for the cards that are positioned in Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune for you this year. This reading broadens the above reading by telling you more of the where, who and how the major events will play out.

(3) The $60.00 package includes all of the above plus your Life Path and the Thirteen Year Cycle, Ruling Cards.

For any of the Reports above all you have to do is first choose a package (The packages are also on the web site where you will have to order one.) Then give me as many friends family or partners birthdays that you spend a significant amount of time with and I'll add them into your reading, possibly showing who may be part of whatever is going on for that time frame. Here is the web page again, just pick a package pay through pay-pal and I'll begin your Report immediately. Birth Card Reports.

I haven't updated the menu or the prices yet, but I also offer three other packages the 4th package is the clincher! Some people want a taste of what the cards are about before investing in the year at hand, so I offer a very basic Report for any past year you would like to use as a gauge of the accuracy of this system. You pick a very important year from your past and I'll read as much as needs to be read to give you the bottom line of why that year was so significant in your life for $10.00!

Then I also offer a 5th package which is $75.00 and offers:

Pre Birth Years

Rebirth Years

Critical Year

Purpose Finding and Fated Years

Years of Blessed endings

Years of Difficult Endings

Years of Caution

Years of Personal Challenge

Ascent to Pinnacle Years

Most Blessed Years

Years of Wish Fulfillment

Years of Recognition, Fame, Business Success,

Years with Good Money Cards

And the 6th package is $80.00. It is a Reading from my Love Cards, this Report will give you a much more detailed version of your Birth Card, however it's based solely on the meaning of the card in general, it isn't broken down by year. But, this Report comes with a very detailed Relationship Chart. So, for this Report you would have to give me the Birthday of someone you love or would like to be in a relationship with and I'll explain how compatible both of your cards are together.

Thank you for your interest, I promise you will have amazing insight into who you are after one of these Reports.. which often in and of itself, explains almost everything that's happened in your life thus far.

When I found out I was an ACE of SPADES... So many things suddenly made all the sense in the world!

Looking forward to working with you,