Sunday, October 7, 2012

Need and answer NOW.. Come visit me at Wizpert..

For those of you that know me, you already know that I'm an extremely positive person who truly believes in a Higher Power & in the Ascending Masters. Often times the Higher Power I speak of, does not have a name so as to allow the listener or the reader to give that power whatever name they feel comfortable giving it. When I am giving my daily thanks for the amazing things that come to me or to those I love, I actually thank every one of the Higher Powers that I can think of including all of the Ascending Masters as well as others Spiritual Pet Rocks.

I am forever sharing my belief, in that everything happens for a reason & that everyone we encounter in our lives was strategically placed there by our Higher Power for a reason. Whether they were placed in our life to teach us, to love us, to help us, or to hurt us... each and every one of them are in our lives to mirror something back to us that will help us become a better person and live a happier, emotionally healthier more, insightful, more compassionate life! You can find out more of my thoughts on this subject on my web-site under the page titled: The World Is Your Mirror.

With all of this said, the other day I received an email from a gentleman named Michael Weinberg founder and CEO of a new service online called Wizpert which is free right now while it is still in beta. The email went on to explain that he was recruiting experts in many fields and he asked me if I would become one of the Wizperts (Expert in certain fields), I was so thankful, yet grounded enough to know that there are many scam artists out there.. that I immediately went to investigate the service.

Much to my surprise, Wizpert is in fact a real company offering very valuable services, such as Life, with sub categories like; Personal Development, Spiritual Development and or Spiritual Growth, Conflict Counseling, Parenting at each developmental age & stage, Friendships, Relationships, Dating Advice, Nurturing Love, Grief, Health & Wellness, Learning, Learning a new Language, I could go on and on.. however,  I'll let you check it out for yourself!

Wizperts are recruited via popular blogs that they have out there, where they are already helping those in need. He started this company for people who needed expert advice NOW.

The short version of how this amazing new site works is..

Someone is in need of help, they join the site @, they register and then they can chose from any one of the various specialty areas they need help in, and voila.. up pops a list of which Wizpert is available at that time, and the client then can read a paragraph about what that Wizpert has to offer and if the client so chooses they can then connect via Skype with whomever they feel can best help them.

My areas of Wizpertize are Personal Development & Growth, Spiritual Development & Growth, Conflict Counseling, and Parenting adolescents. Although, I have five children and could have chosen any age group, having five children I know that adolescents can be very challenging and I want to help where I feel help is needed most.  Additionally, I am writing up a proposal for Michael to add either Estrangement or Alienation to the site, for parents that have been forced out of their children’s lives by an abusive partner. Hopefully, I’ll be done with that by this evening.

So if you have questions you need answered, click on the Wizpert Blue Button on this website, and connect with me, and we'll talk for free; at least for now while the site is in beta!

Have an amazing day!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Let me make a "Birth Card" believer out of you...

A year or so ago, when a fairly new friend of mine told me she was "Reading Cards" and asked me if it was ok for her to "Read My Cards" for practice, I said sure why not.

Did I believe in "The Cards?" Nah, no way!

But it wasn't costing me a dime and if nothing else I thought it would be entertaining. So off she went to do a Reading/Report for me.

WOW! That's all I can say.. wow, wow, wow! Was I in for a shock, probably the shock of my life.

She came back and said.. "Now it all makes sense!"  Ok, so I was thinking.. "WHAT makes sense?"

My life has been filled with trauma. However, I've always managed to keep my head above water, to rise above so to speak. To make it through it all.. and come out on the other side, better than when I went in.

Ok, so was that what made sense? Hmm, ohhh yes, yes, yes!

I've decided to create this blog and add it to my other blogs in the hopes of helping others see what lies ahead so they can make it through their own 'personal challenges.'

To give them the insight I wish I had back then...

Back then, when it mattered most. Before I got sucked up into a world I knew nothing of.. a world I would have never ever believed existed, behind the doors of Family Court!

But, here's the kicker! If I had known anything about my "Birth Card" I would have not only understood my life much better..  I would have never 'gone into court with a man' the year my life was destroyed.. by going into court with a man!  It was all there in my Cards. The warning was like a flashing red light.. Do NOT go into court with a man!

Additionally, a year later, I would have known that "life as I once knew it, was about to end" and I would have done things much differently!

Ehhh, I could go on and on.. about what I found out too late. But I'll tell you one thing...

Looking at my past yearly spreads has made a believer out of me! Everything that went either right or wrong.. was right there for me to use to my advantage.. if I only knew!

Don't let destiny catch you sleeping.

Email me @ and get your own "Birth Card Reading/Report"... find out what's in your future so that you can let it work for, not against you!

Don't believe me! Do what I did, look into your past cards and see how much truth is in those.. then you tell me if you want a Yearly Report or not. I'll put my kidneys on the line.. that you will!

 Don't wait another day. Email or Call me @ (917) 651-6974 and ask for your Reading/Report today!

I'll post and explain my "Birth Card" in a follow up post.. it will then all make sense to you too...

I'm telling ya, it all came into place in that one Report!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How much are you willing to invest in you!

Thank you for your interest in a Birth Card Report, it's pretty amazing stuff.

I've gotten numerous emails asking me how to go about getting a Report, so I will explain everything you need to know right here..
First read through the packages below to see what each package offers.
Then pick the one you want, it's that easy!

(1) The $25.00 package is very basic, yet it still gives you enough to work with. It gives you a short intro to your Birth Card (Your Card is a 3 paragraph intro) it explains what it means to be represented by that card.

Then I give you the 5 major cards reading which covers which cards are sitting in which position for this year in it's broadest of terms. You get an interpretation of the cards that are sitting in your Long Range, Pluto, Result, Environment and Displacement positions explained for this year.

(2) The $ 40.00 package, is a little more detailed it gives you everything offered above plus you also get a detailed reading for the cards that are positioned in Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune for you this year. This reading broadens the above reading by telling you more of the where, who and how the major events will play out.

(3) The $60.00 package includes all of the above plus your Life Path and the Thirteen Year Cycle, Ruling Cards.

For any of the Reports above all you have to do is first choose a package (The packages are also on the web site where you will have to order one.) Then give me as many friends family or partners birthdays that you spend a significant amount of time with and I'll add them into your reading, possibly showing who may be part of whatever is going on for that time frame. Here is the web page again, just pick a package pay through pay-pal and I'll begin your Report immediately. Birth Card Reports.

I haven't updated the menu or the prices yet, but I also offer three other packages the 4th package is the clincher! Some people want a taste of what the cards are about before investing in the year at hand, so I offer a very basic Report for any past year you would like to use as a gauge of the accuracy of this system. You pick a very important year from your past and I'll read as much as needs to be read to give you the bottom line of why that year was so significant in your life for $10.00!

Then I also offer a 5th package which is $75.00 and offers:

Pre Birth Years

Rebirth Years

Critical Year

Purpose Finding and Fated Years

Years of Blessed endings

Years of Difficult Endings

Years of Caution

Years of Personal Challenge

Ascent to Pinnacle Years

Most Blessed Years

Years of Wish Fulfillment

Years of Recognition, Fame, Business Success,

Years with Good Money Cards

And the 6th package is $80.00. It is a Reading from my Love Cards, this Report will give you a much more detailed version of your Birth Card, however it's based solely on the meaning of the card in general, it isn't broken down by year. But, this Report comes with a very detailed Relationship Chart. So, for this Report you would have to give me the Birthday of someone you love or would like to be in a relationship with and I'll explain how compatible both of your cards are together.

Thank you for your interest, I promise you will have amazing insight into who you are after one of these Reports.. which often in and of itself, explains almost everything that's happened in your life thus far.

When I found out I was an ACE of SPADES... So many things suddenly made all the sense in the world!

Looking forward to working with you,